One size fits some

Online learning, in its various incarnations, are, like tools in a craftsman’s toolbox, simply tools. If your only tool is a hammer then all problems look like nails, so it’s incumbent upon ed tech evangelists to recognize that whatever might be the ideal learning environment for one student might be totally  wrong for another individual.

MIT BLOSSOMS (Blended Learning Open Source Science Or Math Studies) is one example of blended learning that seeks to use readily available tools (as low tech as a VCR and a TV) to introduce topics in an engaging manner that is teacher-centric, not student-centric.

Ed tech proponents who think that technology can “disrupt” or “transform” education on its own would do well to take a lesson from the creators of BLOSSOM, who call their program’s blend of computers and people a “teaching duet.” Their enthusiasm for the possibilities of technology is matched by an awareness of the limits of human nature.



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