Acceptance Day, or “My wife will have three kids in college.”

I can probably count on one hand the number of truly pivotal days in my life…. the day I met my wife, first day on the first real job, the births of my children, first (and thusfar, only,) day getting laid off, and today…. the day I was accepted to the PhD program at the University of North Texas (Learning Technologies).

Getting another degree was not in my plan. I finished my master’s degree at the Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University on December 17, 1989. When I start class at UNT, on June 8, 2015 (one day after my younger daughter graduates from high school)  it will have been 9,305 days since I was a full-time student.  YIKES!

Boy, how the world has changed.  Instead of sitting for hours in a classroom, this program is 100% online.  Instead of collaborating over caffeine in the basement of a red brick building, I imagine we’ll be collaborating over caffeine while huddled around our laptops.

Beyond that, I’m not really sure what the next four to six years will bring.  But I’m excited.



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